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優香 Yuka
21 July 2020 @ 02:02 pm

This journal is no longer open to public. It contains more of my daily recordings that I keep private to myself and probably friends, if I have enough who are keen to know more >.>

Comment if you want to be added!
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優香 Yuka
I don't know if this was done by someone else and posted elsewhere, but since I was unable to find it, and I promised my sisters aimeeshii and naiyin  that I'd do it for them, so here it is. This drama skit was part of the audio CD collection and I translated it with some help from a Chinese-translated version as well as the clip itself.

You can listen to the skit at this site, or if you have access to Nico-Nico Douga, there's one over here as well.

This is my first time translating an audio file, so if there're any mistakes, feel free to raise it! I tried my best to make it as accurate as possible.

誰かの為に歌いたい?Collapse )

The only thing Japanese that I didn't leave translated is Yamamoto's "Maa, maa" because I feel that there's no English word that can bring out the essence of it. Other things such as "Are?", "Anou...", "Eto..." and so on are all in English. (Thank you Nai-chan for pointing it out!)

Hope this helped anyone who had difficulty understanding it! 8D
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優香 Yuka
22 February 2011 @ 04:44 pm
WHOO I'm on a roll. This is the second song from Asriel's album, 汝を照らす朧のアリア(Nanji wo terasu oboro no ARIA), veladonna! This song is especially cool because KOKOMI actually sings the rap part of the song. Who knew people can sing rap? ;DD Enjoy!

(The song or the video does not belong to me. I own only the translations below.)
Lyrics over here!Collapse )

As usual, criticisms will be very much appreciated! ❤
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優香 Yuka
21 February 2011 @ 03:37 pm

This is my first public post after a really long time and I've been wanting to do this since forever. Asriel gets so little love because it's not as famous as some Jpop group like Arashi and singers like Ayumi Hamasaki or Utada Hikaru. But I love their music; it's so unique and the vocals are excellent.

The album, 汝を照らす朧のアリア (Nanji wo terasu oboro no ARIA), was the first one I got hold of after watching 11eyes and it's ending song, Sequentia. Thus, it holds a special place in my heart. The translations are right below: (they might not be 100% accurate, so I'd appreciate any form of criticism if it's incorrect!)

(The song or the video does not belong to me, I own only the translation of the lyrics below)
Lyrics right here!Collapse )

Any mistakes pointed out/criticisms/sharing of information will be appreciated! ❤ Enjoy!
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優香 Yuka
20 January 2008 @ 03:05 pm
YAYAYAYAYAY. I celebrated my birthday yesterday even though the real thing's on Monday :3 It was a wonderful day as Hweein, Kathleen, Ann Ling, Yi Xin, Jamie and Jia Yi(aka CHEESE >D) managed to make it for the celebrations! I received many gifts too and was =D=D=D As Hweein has requested not to open her present until my actual birthday, I've promised her and that's the only one which I have not open. The rest of the presents were beautiful =)

I'm really happy to catch up with you guys even though we're in different schools now, but I'm glad that all of you are doing well in your studies! Our exams are coming up soon so...ganbatte!

Sadly for LQ, she couldn't make it due to high fever. Please take care! We can meet up again sometime soon=)
Xiaohui didn't make it because of work but it's okay since she has a lot of committments. And I mean A LOT.
Bao Lian Deng(aka Fiona) didn't make it because of her drive to study lols. It's fine with me as I'm also glad to see her making an effort to do her best in studies!

Well, that didn't seem like a long post for such a great day, now does it? Perhaps I've mastered the art of SUMMARISING lols. It would've come in handy 2 years ago. =s

Before ending this off, I'd just like to say: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME AND TO ALL JANUARY BABIES! 
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